Lely Automated Milking System
July 2021

Advancing Family-Owned Dairy Farmers and Replacing 'Big Milk'

Project Description
It’s no surprise that there is a decline in dairy farms due to the rise of cruelty-free, nut milk alternatives. What people are not talking about is the effect that its had within the diary farming industry.

In under 2 decades, Wisconsin and other midwestern states saw a major decline of about 50% family-owned dairy farmers. Simultaneously, large-scale dairy farmers were on the rise and rapidly taking over more of the state’s milk production going from owning 3% to 41% of cows in less than a decade. These large farms house thousands of cows in metal buildings who are forcefully milked 3 times a day, are immediately removed from their recently born calves, and over-populate their buildings running the risk of contaminating groundwater and overwhelming lakes with runoff pollution.

Without family-owned farms, unethical farming practices continue to fuel the dairy industry as existing corporate farms continue to grow. My goal is to improve the mobile experience of a product that helps family-owned dairy farms get back on their feet.
My Role
Research Designer, Product Designer
for a solo project
1 week
This is a personal project and is unaffiliated with the Lely Automated Milking System
Tandem product design
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